About IORI Health and Beauty Japan

At IORI Health and Beauty Japan, we offer total care for your spiritual and physical health and beauty centered on the three pillars of healing, beauty, and treatment to bring out your natural beauty.

Our most popular treatment type is cosmetic acupuncture as we specialize in this field. All our therapists have undergone three years of intensive training and are government certified, so you always feel safe when receiving treatment at our salon. We also cater to a wider range of needs by offering a variety of relaxation options including facial rejuvenation, massage and aroma oil treatments.

Cosmetic acupuncture

Unlike cosmetic products or beauty salons, cosmetic acupuncture does not just work on the skin’s surface. It is a beauty treatment that works on the inner body by stimulating your tissue, cells, and muscles. Aside from the face, it adjusts the balance of the whole body, improving stiff shoulders, sore backs, swollen legs and your stomach and intestines to stimulate your skin’s natural healing response to achieve anti-ageing.

Acupuncture needles

The acupuncture needles used in our treatments are made of stainless steel. We use extremely thin needles that are about the same thickness as a fine hair so you are unlikely to feel any pain. Please rest assured that we throw away the used needles after each treatment.

Internal bleeding

Millions of blood capillaries spread across the surface of the skin. When the blood vessels are in a healthy state, our cosmetic acupuncture treatments won’t cause any internal bleeding. However, stiff muscles, swelling, and poor blood circulation can reduce blood vessel elasticity and internal bleeding can occur as a result of damaged blood vessels. Even if internal bleeding occurs, you can rest assured when undergoing our acupuncture treatments as any bleeding will usually heal within a few days to a few weeks and it won’t leave any permanent mark.

Cleansing reactions

After receiving acupuncture treatment your body may feel heavy, fatigued or hot. Such effects occur because the blood flow improves as a result of the acupuncture treatment and fatigue-causing substances that were previously stuck in your body are now circulating. These are known as a “cleansing reaction.”

Once all the fatigue-causing toxins are eliminated from your body, you will feel better. So, please drink plenty of water and be sure to rest up if cleansing reactions occur.

Effects of cosmetic acupuncture

◎Collagen creation
By stimulating the dermis of the skin which ordinary cosmetic products can’t penetrate, cosmetic acupuncture stimulates collagen products which helps improve the elasticity and smoothness of your skin.
◎Natural lift
Acupuncture can firm and lift-up your facial muscles, helping your face look fresh and younger!!
◎Reduced swelling
Acupuncture massages help loosen stiff muscles from deep within, improve blood circulation and reduce swelling caused by a build-up of toxins!

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