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About acupuncture

Q1: Does acupuncture hurt?

The diameter of the thinnest needle is 0.10 mm. The hair on your head is said to range from 0.05 mm to 0.15 mm (according to Wikipedia), so it is about as thin as a strand of hair.

Q2: Is it safe?

All of the needles used at this salon are disposable. They are thoroughly sterilized prior to treatment, and there is no possibility of infection, so there is nothing to be concerned about.

Q3: Will I be okay if I have a metal allergy?

The needles used at this salon are stainless steel and the tips are coated with silicone. Even people with a metal allergy can be safely treated.

Q4: Will there be internal bleeding or scarring?

The needles are inserted into your body, so there is a possibility of internal bleeding. Such bleeding occurs particularly easily in places on your body that are extremely fatigued. But just as a bruise forms when you get hit or bang into something, the leaked blood will be absorbed back into your body over time as the bruise heals, and will not leave a scar. Also, the needles we use are very thin, so small bruises about 5 mm wide are not uncommon.

Q5: How long will the effects last?

It depends on the person, but in general, the effects of your first treatment will last about 1 week to 10 days. With continued treatment, the effects will last longer as your health and skin quality improve. In the case of cosmetic acupuncture, it will cause your skin to regain its elasticity.
In order to ensure even better results for a beautiful face, we recommended that you visit our salon once every 1-2 weeks, especially when you first start undergoing treatment. Also, the effects will last longer as your health gradually improves, such as symptoms of stiff shoulders and sensitivity to cold.

About treatment

Q6: Can I get treated even if I am on my period?

That is not a problem. You can undergo any of our treatments. If you tell your therapist beforehand, we will take it into account during the course of your treatment.
(To those wanting to undergo cosmetic acupuncture or acupuncture healing course treatments)
Acupuncture treatment improves hormone balance and blood flow, so it is effective in easing irregular periods or menstrual pain, as well as alleviating painful menstrual symptoms (aches, swelling, sluggishness). If the circulation in your pelvis improves after treatment, there will be changes including a slight increase in the amount of menstrual bleeding.

Q7: Will I be okay to undergo treatment if I’m pregnant?

You will only be able to undergo the cosmetic acupuncture course (either Yokihi Standard or Yokihi Standard Plus).
At our salon, you can undergo treatment as long as you have entered into the stable period of your pregnancy and are no longer experiencing symptoms such as morning sickness. Please get consent from your doctor to undergo cosmetic acupuncture prior to visiting us.

Q8: Is there anything I shouldn’t do before treatment?

Please do not drink alcohol before undergoing treatment. You will be refused treatment if you have been drinking.
(About drinking after treatment)
Circulation improves after treatment, so alcohol will circulate more easily than usual. Please be careful when drinking.
Additionally, drinking alcohol causes the blood vessels to temporarily constrict, which will cause the effects of the treatment to diminish. So please refrain from drinking alcohol after the treatment as well.

Q9: Can I use my health insurance?

No. Unfortunately, we do not accept health insurance.

Q10: Are there any side effects with acupuncture?

There are no side effects as is the case when taking medicine.
Symptoms known as a Mengen reaction rarely occur. A Mengen reaction occurs after treatment and involves symptoms where you will feel as if your condition has temporarily worsened, including sluggishness and drowsiness. As you go through a process of healing (a cleansing reaction), and following that reaction, your health will improve.

About beauty acupuncture

Q11: Before undergoing cosmetic acupuncture, should I remove any makeup?

You can be treated without having to remove your makeup.
When performing acupuncture on your face, the points where the needles are inserted are disinfected. Some of your makeup will come off, so we recommend that you bring your makeup with you to touch up your face later.
If you like, we will show you to the powder room.

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