Important Notes

※The effects of treatment and level of pain experienced vary depending on each individual. You may feel pain in areas where your muscles are extremely stiff. Please inform your therapist in advance of you feel stiff in any part of your body so that they are aware.

※You may not be able to receive acupuncture if you are feeling ill, are suffering from a medical condition, or are pregnant. In such cases, the consent of your doctor is required.

※Please refrain from drinking alcohol prior to your acupuncture session.

※If the treatment produces strong effects, you may feel very hot and/or sluggish. However, please be rest assured that these are positive reactions that occur as a sign that your body is recovering.

※Please note that acupuncture carries no guarantee of a complete cure for your existing health ailments.

※Internal bleeding may occur after an acupuncture session. This is more likely if your capillaries have been weakened due to poor blood circulation or a build-up of toxins. Please be rest assured that any bruising will disappear completely in one to two weeks.

※The time required for treatment varies depending on your physical condition.

Cancellation Policy

※Cancellation Fees
A cancellation fee of 20% of the treatment fee will apply for cancellations made on the day before the acupuncture session, and 50% of the treatment cost for cancellations made on the day of the session. Please note that if you fail to arrive at the salon for your session without contacting us, 100% of the treatment cost will be payable. However, our salon may waive the cancellation fees if we deem that the cancellation was made as a result of unavoidable circumstances. Please feel free to contact us.

※Please note that the length of your treatment session may be shortened if you arrive late for your appointment to minimize any inconvenience to other customers. In addition, if you are late by more than 15 minutes, we reserve the right not to commence your treatment.