In addition to our two special courses for international customers, we also offer a wide range of other treatments. If you are comfortable with receiving treatment in Japanese, feel free to book one of the following courses according to your health, beauty or relaxation needs.

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Cosmetic acupuncture – YOKIHI
Platinum (120 minutes/16,500 yen)

After receiving cosmetic acupuncture in the face and head according to your specific needs, enjoy a relaxing facial treatment that includes face and pore cleansing, the application of raw collagen, fresh and sheet face masks, ultrasonic face massage and more. Undergoing a facial treatment at the same time as acupuncture helps further enhance the effect of the needles, including increasing collagen production, firming the skin, and helping skin cells to cycle more quickly for clearer, more youthful-looking skin.

Standard plus (45 minutes/9,350 yen) – Available only as an option when booking other treatments

In this course, acupuncture needles are also inserted not only into your face, but also other strategic points on your head, such as along the hairline and in the forehead. By relaxing the facial muscles and stimulating blood circulation and lymph flow, this treatment gives you a natural, non-invasive facelift, and works to dispel concerns about swelling and target problem areas around your eyes.

Standard (45 minutes/8,250 yen) – Available only as an option when booking other treatments

This is the most basic of our cosmetic acupuncture courses. About 20-25 fine needles are strategically inserted into target areas of your face to give you a lift and make your skin look more youthful, smoother, and all-around healthier.

Cosmetic acupuncture + body acupuncture – ZENOBIA
Platinum (140 minutes/22,620 yen)

Building on the treatment provided in Zenobia Standard Plus, this special course not only seeks to relieve fatigue such as stiff shoulders or sore lower backs and to give your face a natural lift, it also works to cleanse your pores, moisturize and brighten your skin with a relaxing facial.

Standard plus (75 minutes/13,420 yen)

This course goes further than the Zenobia standard course to insert acupuncture needles into your head such as along the hairline and in the forehead. Needles are also inserted from your legs all the way to your head with the aim of providing you with a head to toe body treatment.

Standard (75 minutes/12,320 yen)

In this course fine needles are inserted into strategic points on both your face and body. Body acupuncture will help relieve built-up fatigue in different areas of your body, and stimulate blood and lymph circulation, while cosmetic acupuncture will give your face a lift.

Cosmetic acupuncture + body acupuncture + oil treatment : APOLLODITE
Standard plus (140 minutes/23,320 yen)

After undergoing acupuncture in your face, head, and body, enjoy a décolleté and neck oil treatment for the back of your body, from your legs to your shoulders. The resulting increase in blood and lymph circulation throughout your entire body will help relieve built-up fatigue. The décolleté and neck oil treatment will also improve blood flow to your face.

Standard (95 minutes/22,660 yen)

In addition to inserting fine acupuncture needles into your face, head, and body for head to toe rejuvenation, this course also includes a décolleté and neck oil treatment. This combination of treatments helps stimulate blood and lymph flow in your shoulders, neck and décolleté and in turn relieve stiff shoulders. It also encourages blood flow to your face, and enhances the effects of acupuncture.

Facial rejuvenation treatments
Aromatherapy treatment and facial (120 minutes/18,370 yen)

This value for money course combines our fresh collagen facial course with our aromatherapy treatment course to stimulate blood and lymph flow and moisturize your skin. Choose your favorite aroma oil from among various kinds according to your health concerns.

Fresh collagen facial (90 minutes/13,310 yen)

This course starts with a pore cleansing facial that also includes a face, décolleté and neck oil treatment and moisturizing fresh face pack. This is followed by the application of fresh collagen for further moisture and an ultrasonic facial treatment which increases your metabolism and stimulates blood and lymph flow by activating skin cells.

Pore cleansing facial (70 minutes/9,680 yen)

Achieve healthier looking skin with a pore cleansing facial that includes deep cleaning of your pores, a face, décolleté and neck oil treatment and moisturizing fresh face pack. You can choose from two types of machines used to cleanse your pores: a suction facial pore cleansing device or a skin scriber.

Pelvic adjustment + massage 60 (100 minutes/12,540 yen)

After a head to toe massage to break down knots and relieve pressure points throughout the body, we will perform a full-body adjustment. We’ll thoroughly realign your entire body without placing a burden on your muscles.

Massage 90 (90 minutes/9,350 yen)

Lie face down and enjoy a full body massage from the top of your head to the tips of your toes before turning over for more of the same.

Massage 60 (60 minutes/6,930 yen)

Lie face down for a thoroughly relaxing massage from your neck down to your toes. We will focus on any areas you are concerned about.

Aromatherapy treatment and facial (120 minutes/18,370 yen)

In this value for money course, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – our aromatherapy treatment course combined with our fresh collagen facial course.

Aroma treatment 90 (90 minutes/11,330 yen)

After warming you up from your feet with a relaxing foot bath, lie face down for an aromatherapy treatment from your feet to your shoulders, before turning over for a décolleté and neck treatment.

Aroma treatment 60 (60 minutes/8,140 yen)

Lie face down and enjoy a full-body aromatherapy treatment from your neck down to your toes. We will blend the aroma oil according to specific health concerns identified during your pre-treatment consultation and provide care while focusing on any problems areas you may have.

Pelvic adjustment 60 (60 minutes/8,250 yen)

Using the whole hand, we will adjust and realign your body by having you alternate between lying face down and lying face up.

Acupuncture treatment
Paean 90 (90 minutes/13,310 yen)

Enjoy an extended acupuncture treatment, followed by a massage.

Paean 60 (60 minutes/9,130 yen)

Enjoy acupuncture treatment followed by a relaxing massage.

Paean 40 (40 minutes/6,930 yen) – Available only as an option when booking other treatments

Acupuncture treatment only.

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