Cosmetic acupuncture

Using fine needles on the face and body to relax muscles, cosmetic acupuncture stimulates blood and lymph circulation and collagen production, and boost your body’s natural healing power. Cosmetic acupuncture can have positive results for wrinkles, sagging skin, and jowls, and can tighten skin, and can be combined with other beauty treatments such as a mask and ultra-sound for enhanced effects.

We provide pre-treatment counseling for those who have never undergone cosmetic acupuncture before and anyone who has concerns so that you can undergo our treatments safely and with peace of mind. We will help you choose your treatment based on your skin condition and skin type.

Men are also welcome at our salon to receive the same high-quality treatments as women, if interested, or to visit with their female companion for a couple’s treatment.

Facial rejuvenation

Our therapists, who hold national qualifications, use the best available products to provide you with facial treatments that are on an entirely new level. Choose from a variety of courses and beauty treatments according to your skin condition and skin type to help you achieve clear, soft and radiant skin – naturally.


In addition to cosmetic acupuncture, we can also treat your physical discomforts with traditional acupuncture therapy. Our acupuncture treatments stimulate your body with fine needles to treat various physical symptoms, ease many different types of pain, and strengthen your natural healing power. Acupuncture will help loosen your muscles and improve your blood and lymph circulation.

Acupuncture treats painful symptoms such as sore shoulders, backache, swelling, poor circulation, as well as menstrual pain and irregularities.
Additionally, as acupuncture treatment is effective against autonomic dysfunction, it is also useful in treating insomnia and stomach upsets.


In addition to cosmetic acupuncture, acupuncture, and facial rejuvenation treatments, we also offer a wide range of relaxation services, from regular massages and aromatherapy massages to pelvic adjustment tailored to your physical condition and ailments.


Enjoy a relaxing (or firm) massage at the hands of our highly-skilled therapists who will massage away daily fatigue and loosen your muscles to improve your body’s flexibility.

Aromatherapy massage

Using a combination of aroma oils and massage, our aromatherapy massages stimulate your blood circulation and lymphatic flow. The aroma oils we use are made from a blend of 100% natural grape seed oil and essential oil. Aroma oils are uniquely blended according to your health ailments, and you can choose your favorite aroma from among several different types. Have your body’s aches and pains massaged away to the scent of your favorite aroma.

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